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Discussion in 'Chat' started by dudeitsdrude, Jun 2, 2017.

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  1. dudeitsdrude

    dudeitsdrude New Member

    Hello all. So my ID is on the way from RGF as we speak, I got in on the 75% off Ohio promo. I have a few trips lined up before I become of age and I'd figure I'd ask the experts here on where not to use this fake.

    I am going on a trip to New York in two weeks. I will be with family, so no clubs or anything, but we plan on eating at some decent restaurants, and a beer or two would be lovely. Maybe a bar with the old man or something too. I'm assuming I would be fine, but I've heard the east coast can be tough.

    Next is Vegas in the winter. I will have someone on my room's reservation over 21, so I'll use my actual ID for checkin and what not. The only times I will probably try to use it in Vegas is at liquor stores, bars in casinos/hotels while with a large group of people who are actually of age, and the event I am going for throws a party at the hotel every year; this years hotel being the Riviera, so there too. Do any of these sound too risky?

    Finally. Florida for spring break, half of this trip is with college friends, half with family. Liquor stores, bars, maybe a club or two, and then some decent restaurants.

    Any advice or experience on any of these locations or situations would be hugely appreciated. If the cops were to charge me with having a fake it would probably end the chances of going into the career I am training for, so I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Thanks again!
  2. delited01

    delited01 Member

    I'm pretty sure in some states if your with a parental unit it is legal to consume alcohol underage on commercial property. Of course this is up to the owner of the establishment.
  3. idguy0907

    idguy0907 New Member

    New York - You'll be fine at restaurants in NYC. Every time I've gone out to dinner with my parents I've never even been carded. Plus if your a with adults they are much less sus. In NYC no state is sketchy and the people working at nice restaurants have absolutely no knowledge of ids, just of good food!

    Vegas- It helps your friends are actually over 21. Be the third or fourth person to get your id checked. If your actually from ohio and your friends have Ohio IDs that would make what is already a risky situation 10x riskier. If thats the case you need to be really careful and if you do attempt to go somewhere be first in line. Just be smart, watch how the bouncer is examining ids before you try. Its vegas and your with your friends even if you ended up in a shithole you guys will still have a great time. When I was in Vegas I ran into a magnifying glass and had to leave. Avoid that because your id will for sure be taken if someone is serious enough that they're checking for microprint. Vegas is tough but do-able, I got in everywhere without second looks.

    Florida- I have no experience here, but if I were you I'd check the uv and make sure its near perfect. I heard clubs in florida are big on checking uv because floridas uv is pretty difficult to replicate properly. Although king forge does it spot on. Supposedly, FL is pretty lax on selling liquor and such compared to other parts of the country.

    And if your in a situation where you do get caught, just don't be an asshole about it. Being able to read a person and being able to tell if they know is a huge part of using a fake and is why those with experience have more success. If they are on the fence and are just trying to call your bluff by all means don't let up (you'll know if they're doing this if 1.) they're still examining the id after they say its fake and 2.) asking you questions like "what year did you graduate high school" ). If you run into a veteran bouncer and they look at it for a second and say "nah fake" just apologize and say your a dumb ass and politely ask for it back. If you ask a few times and they're just getting mad or going to call the cops-let it go. Like you said your in a position where safety comes first and you didn't pay much for the id in the first place.

    Hope this helps!
  4. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Don't use the RGF in Vegas or a spring break town in florida. Restaurants should be fine, especially if you're with parents. Just watch how they look at your parents id. If they just glance at the date of birth, you're fine. If they check security features, abort mission.
  5. devriim

    devriim New Member

    I doubt they would ID his parents at a restaurant, just saying xD
  6. devriim

    devriim New Member

    To be fair using a fake anytime you're running the risk of getting caught, as for Florida it just depends where you're going. Don't use it in Gainesville.
  7. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Hey! We had made an update that stated we aren't shipping the OH until Friday! Sorry about that! -MattDaddy

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