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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by anticuck, Jun 25, 2023.

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  1. anticuck

    anticuck New Member

    I've been relying on Idchief for my ID needs and they've always come through for me. However, I haven't ordered anything from them for a few months and I'm curious if their quality and delivery times are still as good as before? You know how these things go, a reliable vendor today might be a flop tomorrow. Any recent experiences to share about services?
  2. bokusen

    bokusen New Member

    idchiefs is legit af, got mine florida id last week, works fine. Scan as well. For me idchiefs is on the same level as idgod
  3. Micro

    Micro New Member

    You trippin. idk, you had a bad luck and got wrong link I guess. There are literally hundreds of fake idgod website. is only idgod i know
  4. yoyoma

    yoyoma New Member

    Picked up this ID from IDChiefs along with a few others.

    Cost: 10/10

    IDChiefs has the best deals for fake IDs out there. I got a top-quality ID at a way lower price compared to other places. Their team is super pro and really helpful, their customer service is just awesome!

    Communication: 9/10

    I recently had a pretty cool experience with a company named IDChiefs. Bought a fake ID from them and, even though there were some first-time shipping hiccups, the company was super responsive and totally on the ball the whole time.

    Shipping: 10/10

    Took about 2 weeks to get to my door.

    Signature: 10/10

    The signature on IDChiefs' South Carolina IDs is so lifelike and well-done, you can barely tell it's not the real deal. The team at IDChiefs pays attention to every little detail and it totally shows in the final product. The signature is one of the best I've ever seen on a fake ID.

    Template: 10/10

    The South Carolina ID template from IDChiefs is absolutely fantastic, it's the most accurate and detailed copy I've seen. The holograms and the microprinting are spot on, it's really tough to tell it apart from the real one. Highly recommend!

    Photoshop: 10/10

    They did an amazing job on the photoshop for a preset picture.

    Holograms/OVI: 9/10

    The holograms on IDChiefs' South Carolina IDs are super realistic and well-done, they really make the ID look authentic. I've never seen such a good copy, it's truly impressive.

    UV: 10/10

    The UV features on IDChiefs' South Carolina IDs are really something. The IDs include multiple ultraviolet elements that are accurate and match the real IDs out there. It's hard to tell the difference between a real and a fake one. They're the best in the biz.

    Scanning: 10/10

    Works on every app, but for some reason intellicheck wasn't working.

    Conclusion: 9/10

    Honestly, an amazing ID worth every penny but I wish it was faster.
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  5. erenint

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