I used to make fake IDs, anyone have questions?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by NASBNJ1992, Jan 1, 2017.

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  1. imakefakeids

    imakefakeids New Member

    1) do not let word get out that you are making them. I was getting texts from people at my school I had no clue who they were

    2) when you first order your supplies it is better to order more than just ordering what you think you need. You will most likely mess up countless times color matching, getting the holos right ect. before you get it right
  2. erie1555

    erie1555 New Member

    What magnetic card writer/reader did you use?
  3. imakefakeids

    imakefakeids New Member

    I never bought one, I only made Ids that had 2d barcodes, such as new york
  4. erie1555

    erie1555 New Member

    How did you print the ID's with your printer, did you have a tool to place the ID or did you mass print them onto a sheet?
  5. imakefakeids

    imakefakeids New Member

    Printed 8 per page for the teslin IDs
  6. erie1555

    erie1555 New Member

    Did you use a template to enter the text or did you just PS the foreground text away and entered your own?
  7. imakefakeids

    imakefakeids New Member

    I used templates. I made some completely myself and others were just downloaded and refined.
  8. erie1555

    erie1555 New Member

    How difficult was it for you to make your holograms?
  9. imakefakeids

    imakefakeids New Member

    It really wasn't that hard. Just a lot of trial and error, finding the rights ratios. More time consuming than difficult.
  10. SNOP11

    SNOP11 New Member

    What advice would you give to buyers?! Name, age, address, etc info on the id. How to take a picture.

    I'm thinking about purchasing from noveltyids.co and am feeling sketchy now cause they're not accepting orders for almost a week now.
  11. imakefakeids

    imakefakeids New Member

    It seems to me most people use their real name. If you are making one up, try not to use unique names or names with symbols such as -.


    address, you need to pick an address you will remember. If you are doing on instate I would recommend using the same number of your house and pick a street near by. If you are doing out of state use your house number again and just pick a random address off of google maps or something.

    For the picture use the highest quality picture you can WITH a flash in GOOD LIGHTING. NO shadows should be across the face.

    good luck on your order, hope everything turns out well.
  12. erie1555

    erie1555 New Member

    To be more clear with the previous question, what method did you use to apply your hologram, silk screen, stamp, stencil and airbrush?
  13. imakefakeids

    imakefakeids New Member

    I just kept it simple & used stencils + stamps
  14. erie1555

    erie1555 New Member

    Could you disclose your ratio for your holograms?
  15. luke6284

    luke6284 New Member

    How did you generate the unique 2d barcode for your IDs?
  16. bangingdirtysluts

    bangingdirtysluts New Member

    you said you made your holograms?? how did you do that?

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