scam or not? any reviews?

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  1. hmdurr

    hmdurr New Member

    Communication: [8/10]​

    Communication was fairly good especially compared to some other vendors. Most of the time messages were replied to within a few hours. There were a few days without contact but understandably they would have been busy producing and designing their new ID's. They then came back with an explanation so 8/10 for communication

    Cost: [9/10]

    Cost on their website is currently 100 euros. However for 100 euros the quality of the ID is questionable in its current state. With improvements it could definitely be worth 100. As their first ID I am definitely impressed with it overall.

    Shipping: [9/10]

    They had some delay in the shipping but regardless it was very prompt. Overall it took around 1.5 weeks but very quick overall.

    Stealth: [8/10]

    No stealth whatsoever in the packaging. However they have said that they will include the option for a disguised packaging for an additional cost. I am not sure how good the stealth will be with this option but im sure they will have something smart planned. In its current state if some nosy parents opened the package there would be no hiding.

    Stealth is good, пришло хорошо скрытым

    Template: [7/10]

    The template is fine. This being said, the colour and template is similar to the old one and could pass off well. The EU/UK emblem in the top left corner is slightly too high and the picture looks slightly too dark. The definition of the writing on the back could be slightly higher for a better look. Aside from this the template is well made with good colour. Am definitely looking forwards to seeing their new template with improved UV. Despite not having rasied text yet, they have said they will add it on their next card. You can also see the fine details on the face of the card which is nice.

    Holograms/OVI: [6/10]

    The hologram on the front is there but not very good. There is the face/DOB section on the back. Although the images do not alternate, it still looks fairly decent. The only problem with this part would be that the birthday on this section does not match up with the birthday on the front of the card.

    UV: [6/10]

    UV is on the front and back. This being said, there seems to be a small problem as the quality of the UV is very low. With their new UV printing equipment this should be solved so I would not count this as a problem

    Scanning: [10/10]

    The card does scan.

    Signature: [10/10]

    Signature looks brilliant on the card.

    Conclusion: [7/10]

    Overall I am fairly happy with the card. There are definitely many areas of improvement but they are still on track to being able to make high quality ID's. I am looking forwards to reviewing their second ID with the improvements.
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  2. erenint

    erenint New Member

    show us images or gtfo
  3. Kdot101

    Kdot101 New Member

    I'm about to buy uk fake id, so I'm looking for any review and if they are legit cheers...
  4. hmdurr

    hmdurr New Member

    ordered a while ago, I will post a review soon.
  5. hmdurr

    hmdurr New Member

    are you happy now?

    uk id bitcoinfake.png
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  6. EyeFakeID

    EyeFakeID Administrator Staff Member

    Already21 is verified vendor.

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  7. Already21 Shop

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