3 methods to make an electronic signature

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  1. Jimslong

    Jimslong Moderator

    During the ordering process of an ID card, you will be asked to upload a file with your personal signature. Here you can find an instruction how to make it properly. (Taken from AP3X)

    Here are a few options:

    1. First way is by snapchat. As I have heard from many users, it is considered to be a really simple method. So, get in the app, take a picture with camera half-covered by your fingers or anything (the screen should be partially black). Then you need to choose the white color pen their and draw your signature right on the black screen part. Save the picture on a device. Now that’s done, and you have a picture with your signature!

    2. Second way is by printer and highlighter. Write down your signature on a printed sheet of paper with the highlighter. Sign it carefully and with bold font. Next, scan or take a good photo of this sheet with your signature.

    3. Third way is by special signature app. In the Internet, you can find several apps that provide you with a background, where you can write your signature on and save it as a picture. In that case, it’s better to choose white background and sign in black for the best quality.
    Leave a comment below if you have any question or you have something to add.
  2. KierstenM

    KierstenM New Member

    I like it, I didn’t know anything sort of it before. thx
  3. troublemaker

    troublemaker New Member

    Ive tried the first option, I got success easily! The web service accepted my signature at once and sent me realistic looking id card with good written signature.

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