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Discussion in 'Chat' started by Jason14th, Jan 2, 2016.

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  1. Jason14th

    Jason14th New Member

    does walmart scan the ids or just enter the DOB at the self-check line?
  2. Swanster06248

    Swanster06248 New Member

    Easiest place ever Usually just dob lol
  3. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Almost always DOB. I bought cigs their once and used my fake because it was in the front window and they called a manager over and they straight up took out a jewelers loop on that SOB for like 3 minutes and then sold to me.
  4. SwervesHard

    SwervesHard New Member

    Yeah it's the easiest place they also don't care that you're using a Connecticut id across the country haha
  5. throwaway1989839

    throwaway1989839 New Member

    They just enter the DOB. You could go to most walmarts with the shittiest fake ever and still be okay.
  6. PDXBouncer01

    PDXBouncer01 New Member

    Just DOB
  7. Unsco

    Unsco New Member

    They just check the DOB when I go.
  8. Weldon

    Weldon New Member

    lol everytime I buy from walmart most of the time its at the self checkout and the cashier doesn't give a fuck and I don't even get carded
  9. Cool01

    Cool01 New Member

    Na bro I'd recommend a TED BARFUN DJ or NNY for Walmart. Strict af nigga. Minimum wage cashier did the bend test on my shit and she pulled it and told me to gtfo. The greeter chopped my dick off on the way out too.

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