Using someone else's real ID rather than a fake ID

Discussion in 'Chat' started by rellbigmatt, Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. SchWiftyMoztie

    SchWiftyMoztie New Member

    Aww yaaa you gotta get Schwifty in here
  2. K-HZRO01

    K-HZRO01 New Member

  3. btfd1001

    btfd1001 New Member

    What are the chances a bouncer is actually gonna call a cop and get you busted lol. I've been doing it and so have my friends and zero issues
  4. senorspicytaco

    senorspicytaco New Member

    That's how you get charged with identity theft :D
  5. wutang

    wutang New Member

    Damn you read the other post
  6. Fakedingdong

    Fakedingdong New Member

    That's an insanely serious crime that you don't wanna commit just to drink
  7. wutang

    wutang New Member

    Having a fake ID is basically the same wtf..
  8. Fakedingdong

    Fakedingdong New Member

    Using another person's ID is the definition of identity theft
  9. wutang

    wutang New Member

    Lmao until I say it's fake, then what is it.. wouldn't it be a coincidence if someone made a fake ID and it had all real info on it down to being in the database lol
  10. Fakedingdong

    Fakedingdong New Member

    Making a fake with real DL# would still be identity theft. That's why most vendors here don't let people pick DL#
  11. wutang

    wutang New Member

    So either way it's identity theft, because you don't know if it's a real DL# or not?
  12. crystaahhhl

    crystaahhhl New Member

    I go to a college in Florida where a fake ID is a felony and using someone else's is a misdemeanor. I don't get it, but yeah, apparently it varies
  13. Lazydude27

    Lazydude27 New Member

    identity theft is a felony. you said you were in sd, so i'm guessing you're talking about san diego in california. in california, using a fake id to drink is a misdemeanor
  14. Fakedingdong

    Fakedingdong New Member

    All of this is assuming that you are getting caught by a cop since they can check DL#. If it's a bouncer pulling the ID, you have nothing to worry about
  15. gp2139

    gp2139 New Member

    Possession of a forged document= misdemeanor, fine, and possible license suspension. Identity theft= federal crime, possibility of jail time.
  16. Fakedingdong

    Fakedingdong New Member

    Well... it's Florida

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