Using someone else's real ID rather than a fake ID

Discussion in 'Chat' started by rellbigmatt, Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. rellbigmatt

    rellbigmatt New Member

    Last night I was with my boys in downtown SD and I was using my boys ID getting into everywhere without a problem, does anyone sell real IDs?
  2. Throwaway64209

    Throwaway64209 New Member

    Nigga, you buy that name?

    or just brute force it?
  3. wutang

    wutang New Member

    Niggas took it.. I mean made it
  4. throwaway3928

    throwaway3928 New Member


  5. delited01

    delited01 Member

    That's what we do in NY works extra good Bc are pics are black and white
  6. ekleburg

    ekleburg New Member

    the DMV
  7. wutang

    wutang New Member

    Good looking what's their reddit?
  8. ekleburg

    ekleburg New Member

  9. wutang

    wutang New Member

    Looks like they exited scammed
  10. Lilnoe5

    Lilnoe5 New Member

    Just buy it off your friend and ask him to get a new one at the dmv
  11. SchWiftyMoztie

    SchWiftyMoztie New Member

  12. MetroCS

    MetroCS New Member

  13. SchWiftyMoztie

    SchWiftyMoztie New Member

    Ah yes and if they dont respond within the hour call them a faggot and say you are going to ruin their business
  14. MetroCS

    MetroCS New Member

    an hour seems like a while, if you don't get a response immediately just make a massive post bashing them, they'll understand
  15. SchWiftyMoztie

    SchWiftyMoztie New Member

    They would love that!
  16. MetroCS

    MetroCS New Member

    Just lookin out for the homies
  17. wutang

    wutang New Member

    Naa will never order from them, everybody seems to make a mockery out of those 2 lol
  18. Salzinator

    Salzinator New Member

    Theres genuinely nothing wrong with Lost. Just fun to watch his PMs go up.
  19. SchWiftyMoztie

    SchWiftyMoztie New Member

    I wonder if that's the joke hrmmm
  20. K-HZRO01

    K-HZRO01 New Member

    That's when we get Schwifty!

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