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Discussion in 'Chat' started by club212, Oct 2, 2018.

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  1. club212

    club212 New Member

    Was wondering if anyone has had success using their fake on a Carnival cruise or had any other good ways of getting alcohol on the ship.
  2. undepapi

    undepapi New Member

    My friends said it was impossible to use a fake on the ship. Something about your actual age being programmed into your ship card or some weird shit like that. He was able to drink when he was off the boat, but he couldn't even attempt to use his fake on. Could be different depending on the ship you're on, but just sharing my knowledge of it.
  3. substrate97

    substrate97 New Member

    What if you book the cruise with a fake?
  4. ajrulesu17

    ajrulesu17 New Member

    You need your passport cause you're going to other countries
  5. ajrulesu17

    ajrulesu17 New Member

    Yea you won't be able to because you'll have to use your sea pass card to pay for it and on the card it says U21
  6. delited01

    delited01 Member

  7. FakeMakeGreatAgain

    FakeMakeGreatAgain New Member

    Yeah, Carnival gives one too many fucks.
  8. ilsLegang

    ilsLegang New Member

    Drinking age is usually either port of origin or where the company is based.
  9. xsweetiexx

    xsweetiexx New Member

    Carnival is based in the US tho so drinking age is 21. But it depends cause on your stateroom card it has your age so if you pay with cash you should be good!
  10. rellbigmatt

    rellbigmatt New Member

    Most crusies are cashless. Everything is paid with your room key/sea card thing.
  11. xsweetiexx

    xsweetiexx New Member

    Yea now, but back then like 7 years ago they used to take cash. My brother used his fake a few times. Probs on 6/16 cruises we have been on he had used his fake
  12. bassline

    bassline New Member

    if your parents are okay with you drinking, and they go with you they can write a consent letter for you to drink once you are in international waters, or you can just have a friend buy your drinks if they are 21
  13. FakeMakeGreatAgain

    FakeMakeGreatAgain New Member

    If I remember correctly, any cruise (with any cruise line) that departs from a US port is required by US law to have a minimum drinking age of 21. But the second you step off the ship, its all yours. Also, no one says you have to be sober when boarding back onto the ship.

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