Useful advice for the young students who study at college.

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    As I see there are so many inexperienced that’s why I have decided to share with you some useful tips which
    definitely help you in life! These tips always helped me when I studied at college (4 years of fun and then
    graduating… upset). My piece of advice is for those who study in a college most of all. I have had so many friends in a college and many of them are my old ones, fortunately, I haven’t had a chance to have a fake, so I’m lucky. So, let’s begin, pay attention to everything you read below and bite on that.
    Learn the info on the id: you will agree with me that it is easy, yes? But no way! I have known lots of teens who act cocky and they forget where they are from, where their home is when young girls and boys give their id to the
    bouncer, they behave like that. I haven’t taken care about some different ids, as there are a lot of students that
    leave the state for studying. Nevertheless, it’s very important to know the city where you are now, even a little bit
    otherwise you must be a talented liar. Once I had an accident when a bouncer asked me many questions (my id -
    NNY) and he wondered where “Middletown” was located. I had no choice and said that it was far away from my city. Frankly speaking, I had no idea where it was. At the end it turned out that I guessed! (LOL).
    Know all college bars: it’s evident that I often visit ECU. There are no other places to go to besides ECU. Nowhere. Business center is quite faded. For sure, there are some bars but I don’t suggest going there. Only if you are a girl and have a banging id. So be familiar with all bars, which are worth going, and those, which are not.
    Take a sharpie: it seems to be selective, but believe me, I am right! Couple of years ago when I was underage and with my friends, we wanted to go somewhere to have a drink. We went to our favorite bar that we visited very often. Some people said that ALE (alcohol law enforcement) was on the way to several bars but we didn’t pay attention to that fact and went there. When we were nearly in the bar we saw so many kids who were walking and drinking around. I took a small sharpie from my brassiere and threw it away. All my friends and me left the place and others were puzzled and were ticked.
    Keep away from ALE: I’m sure that almost all institutions have these guys (ALE), but maybe the name is different but they do the same job which disgusts me and almost all students. These men usually wear uniforms and monitor all around the college, looking for the kids who misconduct and drink alcohol. They are mad! They can often wear ordinary clothes and pretend being students, they go everywhere and pry.
    You have rights, know them: you must know your rights. If someday a police officer stops you, don’t say any
    nonsense. Be calm and polite. You don’t have to give the comments and answers to all of the questions. You may say “without comments”. I have great experience on that tip and the most relevant thing is to be patient and not kink, as the shorter your talk with a cop is - the better it is for you.
    Face control likes girls rather than boys: if you hesitate, go with shy girls to the bar. All bars need girls, because the more girls are in the bar- the more boys will be there. So bouncers prefer to welcome some girls than a couple of guys. That is obvious.
    Don’t keep your real id together with a fake one: once I mixed my fake id with my real one and showed the real one. That was an epic episode, since that I have never taken it with me. Only you choose whether to take it with you all the time or not. But I suggest not keeping both of them in one place as in an appropriate moment you can mix them.
    Do not fight in the bars: that is the worst thing ever to join some bar fights. First of all you may be injured, the
    second one is that such kind of mess always ends with the police coming, so stay away from it. Also cops can see
    your fake id that makes lots of problems.
    Control your limits: that is very important to do it, that’s awful to take care of somebody the whole party just
    because he or she isn’t able to move and control himself.
    Order a drink as if you are of age: many people think that it''s so simple - to use a fake id. But in fact, you must be ready for this and feel like an adult. Bartenders see if you doubt or your voice sounds unconvincing. It is very easy to recognize an underage. So before ordering a drink, find out the exact name and say it with a confident voice, as if you have been ordering this cocktail for several years.
    It’s better to pay by cash in the bar: try to pay by cash, of course you can use your credit card, but you may probably have some problems. Moreover paying by cash is much faster.
    Be polite and make friends with the stuff in the bar: especially girls! You are lucky because it’s so easy for you to flirt and make friends with bartenders and bouncers. I got acquainted with some guys from the bar and that
    friendship helped me a lot. We had free drinks and always skipped the line.
    If they say “it’s fake”: if you are told that “it is fake”, you can answer that it is your id or your driving license. But if they insist that it is fake step over and not argue with them. Be confident and speak with a loud and firm voice. Don’t panic and yell, that will cause awful if you decide to shout at them.
    Last and most relevant tip BE CONFIDENT: if you want to be convincing you have to speak convincing and your gestures must be the same. If you hide your eyes and speak quietly, moreover if your hands are shaking nobody believes that you are 21 years old.

    Some more important things:

    Do not drive a car if you are drunk and do not let your friends do it. It is very dangerous. I knew many people who did
    that and I lost them. That is very awful thing.
    Girls must be extremely careful and cautious. When you come to the bar behave carefully. Do not take drinks from
    unknown and muddy guys (of course not all the guys are morons, but still be vigilant). Do not leave your drinks on
    the bar. I had many situations and suggest following these tips. Being a drunk and crazy girl in a bar is not cool.
    If you are very scared of using your fake id, but you still want to drink in the club, then I advise you to practice at
    home in front of a mirror, how you will do it in the club. (I still do so). Or there is another option, you can take some
    small bottles with a drink and shove out into your pockets, bra, pants, etc. so no one can see it. I know that it is cocky
    but very useful.
    That is all for today, I’m sure it would help you. Bye!
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