Several ways to choose a good fake home address

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  1. Jimslong

    Jimslong Moderator

    To make an order, you need to write down your personal information. There is a line in order from that asks for an address. Never even think to enter your real address! Go to the Zillow and find there any relevant place. This way works for me well that’s why I advise you too. But you can choose any other service that offers a list of addresses.

    Next necessary tips help you with the searching process:

    1. It should be an easy address to remember right away. For example, if you go out with your friends and security bouncer asks you for your zip code looking at your fake card, you have to be confident to say it as soon as possible without any doubts. Otherwise, he will start suspecting you!

    2. It’s better to choose a small town, but not a big city. People are so wondering about megalopolises in general, about their history or other particular details. Don’t waste your time on it, choose one of the small towns that nobody knows.

    3. If you made a decision and picked the place. Google it. Read the information about the chosen town in order to be prepared, in case someone will ask you. Spend 20-30 minutes on it, instead of 2-3 days (if you still want to choose a big city). Be smarter!
    Bartenders and bouncers usually ask several questions about the place where is your ID card «from» : what is the capital of the state; are there local school and its mascot, which sport team is popular out there; and what is your favorite restaurant or bar.

    1. OPTIONAL: As for me, I always pick the coolest place on the map! I make my house the coolest one because normally those rich fuckers buy the houses outside the city. So, it works well and bouncers don’t question me a lot!

    Take this website for finding a good double zip code (12345-6789) - Some ID cards with not good quality can be scanned without complete codes (12345-0000) that will cause hard consequences.

    As always, leave your feedback and any suggestion in the comments below!
  2. Mainguy

    Mainguy New Member

    Find something that spells like your home address or kinda duplicate, it helps you to memorize it faster.

    Also, try to pick zip codes that are palindromes
  3. Johnids

    Johnids New Member

    This guide is quite knowledgeable, I’m about to order a fake id..I didn’t know that there is a acute need to choose a place where you from. ve ever thought it would be like..close the eyes, pick the place on the map with the finger and it is done. Bless gosh i didnt fix it like this!

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