Prostitutes and Fake ids

Discussion in 'Chat' started by hmcklin, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. hmcklin

    hmcklin New Member

    can you use your fake for prostitutes? Im pretty sure the legal age for hiring one is 21 so i was wondering if anyone has used their fake for this purpose, will cops get called if they catch me using my fake? Thanks Fam
  2. zpr3

    zpr3 New Member

    Most of them have very advanced scanners if not box scanners. Take extreme caution before pursuing.
  3. delited01

    delited01 Member

    yea the new box scanners are really tight on security
  4. intend2ascend

    intend2ascend New Member

    how tight
  5. peachypoo55

    peachypoo55 New Member

    about 300% tighter than the prostitutes
  6. peachypoo55

    peachypoo55 New Member

    probably not that tight then
  7. hmcklin

    hmcklin New Member

  8. independenceisalie

    independenceisalie New Member

    Is prostitution legal in the US now?
  9. delited01

    delited01 Member

    im not sure, i don't live in the Us, i live in Florida
  10. intend2ascend

    intend2ascend New Member

    and I don't smoke weed, I rip bowls.
  11. CrappyIDs

    CrappyIDs New Member

    Someone change the board tagline to this
  12. Fuch_you

    Fuch_you New Member

    They only accept IDs with a mag strip. They then check the validity by swiping in their buttcrack.
  13. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Would it be suspicious if I had a magstrip on an id that doesn't normally have a magstrip. I'm think about printing one onto my south Carolina
  14. idsguru

    idsguru New Member

    Prostitutes etc. don't really give a fuck as long as you have something to show them and some don't even ask you for anything.
  15. Starxe

    Starxe New Member

    Any ID you stick in that box aint comin back.
  16. Tetraplor68

    Tetraplor68 New Member

  17. IDforSoju

    IDforSoju New Member

    How much do you charge and what city?
  18. IDforSoju

    IDforSoju New Member

    How much do you charge and what city?
  19. CrappyIDs

    CrappyIDs New Member

    Huh, don't meet many escorts named fred...
  20. FortheFreakingtits

    FortheFreakingtits New Member

    You are talking about escort services. I am an escort, prostitution is not legal. Legally you are paying said person for thier "time" they spend with you which usually is a nice dinner then back to a hotel room. If you pick up a dead beat hooker off the street it does not matter what ID you have and you will get STDs. But if you go through a service they do background checks which your ID won't pass, and also to not put their girls at risk. Escort services also require that the woman is STD tested monthly and that they use protection (condoms). Although the sex isn't legal, the time they spend with the client is. Be smart, you probably aren't getting any high end escort then.

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