Possible consequences of beating someone's ass?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by KissKiss33, Feb 2, 2017.

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  1. KissKiss33

    KissKiss33 New Member

    For context: Idk if it's true or not but someone claimed to have got with the girl I'm scheming even though they were clearly off limits. He said you take this girl and I take the other. He claims he got with the other and now wants my girl. Knowing the kid, it's probably a lie designed to fuck with me. We're half friends but I think the kid is wack (I smoke to relax and enjoy, he's just retarded) so I started distancing myself from him and now he pulls this shit. Currently, I'm drunk and angry.

    Say I invite him to smoke and then rob him and beat his ass, what possible consequences would come my way? Thanks boys.
  2. flexhegot3

    flexhegot3 New Member

    Violence won't solve anything, the true winner is who has the better mental strength. If you give in to a fight, and you initiate the fight, boom you (potentially) just got yourself a lawsuit. Theyre no fun, no one likes them unless they're the clear winner. Law wise there's nothing about cheating or anything related to your issue. Your best bet is to toughen up, break your connections with them and move on, do whatever else that makes you happy, don't depend on drugs or alcohol for happiness (It's OK in moderation)
  3. FakeIREE

    FakeIREE New Member

    I'm aware this is the logical solution, I'm just pissed and I don't want him to win. He's a fuckboy that needs to learn his place. I'm with you on the drugs thing tho.
  4. flexhegot3

    flexhegot3 New Member

    Do passive aggressive stuff (not for it though, shows childish shit) , sending shit to his mailbox, some harassment like unwanted pizza deliveries to his place, but that requires some opsec and some balls
  5. MedisonStationsSon

    MedisonStationsSon New Member

    What pizza delivery is ever unwanted
  6. flexhegot3

    flexhegot3 New Member

    The ones where you have to pay $1000 at the door
  7. MedisonStationsSon

    MedisonStationsSon New Member

    I’m so used to everything being paid for online I forgot that paying at the door was even a think
  8. MedisonStationsSon

    MedisonStationsSon New Member

    "Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you."

    -Thomas Jefferson
  9. MedisonStationsSon

    MedisonStationsSon New Member

    Relevant name and possible new vendor??
  10. FoundingFatherFakes

    FoundingFatherFakes New Member

    yes, if mods ever find the time to message me back.
  11. Mad_Spectral

    Mad_Spectral New Member

  12. FakeIREE

    FakeIREE New Member

  13. SVACER870

    SVACER870 New Member

    Only inflict harm to protect yourself from harm.

    I’ve been where you are and it sucks. Be the bigger guy. Never make decisions while drunk. It’s never a good idea.

    Stay strong brother
  14. RGN_Preacher

    RGN_Preacher New Member

    The only people who want to fight others are usually the ones who suck at fighting... now while this guy is antagonizing you... so what. The girl can sleep with whoever the fuck she wants. It’s not like she won’t sleep with you because she slept with someone else. If you ain’t the first you certainly won’t be the last.
  15. pyrosno

    pyrosno New Member

    weaponized autism
  16. yoyojp

    yoyojp New Member

    Assault, battery. Not worth it

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