Instruction on how to purchase from gas stations, wine shops, etc.

Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by chiquitamichi, Feb 5, 2018.

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  1. chiquitamichi

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    Well, assuming most of you, assholes, aren’t able to purchase alcohol from Russian wine shops or any
    other without using “I lost my ID” trick my assistance is highly required here.
    Point 1. Behave as if you are 21. I mean that there’s no way that you can be dressed up as a dumb
    elementary school student mumbling something unclear in front of the cashier. By the way don’t wear
    office shirt and trousers when going to the shop.
    Point 2. Have faith in yourself and your ID. Even if it is from the worst furthest state, doesn’t matter, I’ve
    seen more horrible IDs working for children who had damn confidence in them.
    Point 3. Don’t hesitate to speak if the cashier approaches you. In case they are silent you should keep
    silence but in case they attempt to speak don’t stand there like an asshole, shivering from fear, with
    your mouth shut. Speak! They might question you about the state your ID is from, don’t be idiot, learn
    information about it beforehand and be ready. If Minnesota is stated in your ID and you are trying to
    purchase in California where it’s kind of hot you may complain that you can’t stand the heat and looking
    forward to getting back to cold paradise. This confident short conversation will help to prove your
    Step 4. Be careful when choosing the cashier. Never go to a gloomy almost grandma. Better to choose a
    happy faced blind old guy or someone whose age almost equals the age of you shivering butt.
    Step 5. You ID should be a proper one. There should be a photo of you and a scan, not more than that. If
    after scan it isn’t as if I’ve printed it for 15$ at school you will manage well in the shops.
    Well, read this stuff and take your ass to purchase the booze, you idiots. Surely it might not work for you
    but who gives 100% guarantee for anything in this life. People, if you have something to add you are
    welcome. I am fed up of all this stupid losing IDs posts of dumb assholes.

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