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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by dapperfapper69, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Finally someone who can relate to city use! Completely agree that the old NY and IL are for sure a bad move. From my experience i'd argue that any NJ or Maryland are just as bad as using an IL here in the city. IL and ML are just just too over faked and no vendor has ever gotten the colors right on NJ.
  2. idguy0907

    idguy0907 New Member

    actually the colors on my FF NJ are exact to my real one

    buuuuuut if you bend them pretty much at all they crease
  3. delited01

    delited01 Member

  4. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    This isn't a question of shitty. This is a question of the state itself. NV whether done amazing or done poorly isn't going to raise any more suspicion than a PA done amazing or done poorly.

    A lot of bouncers I've spoken to know how commonly faked FL's are, I've never heard them mention PA, but I do know they've pulled them. I've used an FL in NYC several times with no problems. These are just recommendations.

    Another thing. I could get into places with a lot of different IDs since I have experience and play the role of being 21+ well. There are a lot of people who know nothing about fakes that move to NYC and just want to get an idea of what states would be good.
  5. Jackdactyl

    Jackdactyl New Member

    Great post, thanks for the tips. I'm heading to NYC for New Year's, do you know how well international fakes go? I'm waiting on an Ontario and a Victoria, Australia.
  6. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    Use the Ontario. Canada receives less scrutiny as far as the whole "ID or Passport" thing from what I've heard. If you're from North America your accent probably works better with the Canada anyways.
  7. Jackdactyl

    Jackdactyl New Member

    Ahh, see I'm from Australia, so the accent won't match up to the Canadian one. I was only planning on using the Ontario for back up, in case the Aus one got taken.
  8. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    You can try to use the Aus one. Depending on where you go you should be fine. Some guys don't like international IDs though and want to see passports.
  9. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Hey just a quick question,

    have you ever been close to "getting caught" with a fake before? Im just curious hah.
  10. delited01

    delited01 Member

  11. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Hahaha damn. Thanks for sharing
  12. materialbread

    materialbread New Member


    JK Ya the first year was rough. I think it only happened like 3 or 4 times. Once I used an Old NY at a well known venue in Manhattan. The guy was like "this is fake" so I said "nah fam" and he put two huge X's on my hands and yelled to his security homies "ey if u see this fool even sippin on his own spit throw him out." It was all good though because I kept going to get pocket shots outside from the liquor store on the corner and sneaking them into the bathroom.

    Another time I used that same Old NY at this bar in Bedstuy and the bouncer was liek "i was born and raised right down the block, i suggest u take off"

    Once I used an expired Vermont ID at a popular spot in williamsburg. He was like "nah" and I walked away in shame.

    For fun I took a garbage IL out by MissionFakes and the bouncer started laughing and just said "no" and I was liek "whats ur problem" and he just kept saying "just... no." Then I got out another ID out and partied somewhere else.

    Oh and the last fuck up was at this bar in Brooklyn, I was doing some other fun stuff apart from drinking and left to get a sandwich. I left my wallet in the bar booth and some guys turned it into the bartender. It had my real ID in it and she asked for my info. I gave her the fake info and she was like "uhh what"? Then I went coke jesus and was like "nooo nooo look here, are you crazy?" and i held the wallet and pointed at the id and snatched that shit from her hands and walked out.

    I've never really gotten busted or anything taken though. Just denied service. T_T
  13. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Hahahaha I have a missionfakes IL to LOolololol. Thanks for sharing man and great post <3.
  14. delited01

    delited01 Member

    RI is also a big no no

    RI is a state that is poorly faked, I couldn't recommend any vendors. my friend got his pulled in NYC and it was a nightmare story (cops, drama..... All the good shit)
  15. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    Like I said, this isn't based on quality of vendors, but location itself. If a vendor were to offer a near flawless RI in the future, I would want this article to be relevant either way.
  16. Dissident47

    Dissident47 New Member

    Where my Brooklyn Fam at?
  17. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    right here fam
  18. delited01

    delited01 Member

    A lot of bars won't even card you if you look old enough and its a dive. Happened to me many times. Most recently at Malachi's on 72nd.
  19. crazyspecialboy

    crazyspecialboy New Member

    Hahaha if you got enough balls to drink in the Bronx then you dont need a fake
  20. livemcchillen

    livemcchillen New Member

    I Lol'ed at the recommended VA id use.

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