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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by IDHurry, Jan 15, 2017.

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  1. oliviam

    oliviam New Member

    please add paypal payments
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  2. IDHurry


    Sorry Olivia we can't do it, PayPal delete all accounts if they are in fake ID business :(
  3. nda26

    nda26 New Member

    Do you guys do canadian fake IDs? I want to find a reliable seller, all I found on the web seems fishy and scam...
  4. IDHurry


    Nope, we do only US IDs. You can check this forum for Canada vendors.

  5. IDHurry



    CALIFORNIA ID ---> $79.99
    OHIO ID ---> $69.99
    ARIZONA ID ---> $64.99
    WASHINGTON ID ---> $59.99

    P.S. We managed to reduce shipping time ;)
  6. juicefl0w

    juicefl0w New Member

    how fast is your Rush delivery?
  7. topgun21

    topgun21 New Member

    I got my rush in a week.
  8. IDHurry


    -- SUMMER PROMO ---
    All top states (CA, FL, AZ, NY, TX, OH, GA) with 10% discount!!!
    USE THIS CODE ---> hurrysummer
  9. lilsarah

    lilsarah New Member

    I got my ID from idhurry and it was sent quickly and came with two copies for a cheap price. Ya they have spelling errors on the website but as far as the ID quality; top notch perfect. I would recommend to anyone looking for a fake. After being scammed by IDgod and ID chief this was my last attempt and I’m glad I went with id hurry. Be patient with the website and spelling and you will get very far. People saying they got scammed are probably Just with another company. But these ID’s are fucking perfection. They pass every test.
  10. Tballer111

    Tballer111 New Member

    Took 2 weeks to get mine/ When I did get it though, they ended up sending me 2 of the new Washington templates instead of the 1 I ordered. I thought that was cool :) Anyways, I live in Oregon so I figured I’d use Washington since it’s more realistic than Mississippi (my first ID). It looked pretty good, except for the sticker that goes on the front. It looked bubbly when you looked at it from an angle. I used it anyway quite often for almost a year until it was taken from a bouncer in Oregon at the end of October. (Probably because he asked me when I graduated and I totally blanked haha). I still have my other one, but given that I’ve been using this for almost a year at bars, convenient + liquor stores and a couple clubs I’d say my experience was good. It scans every time, and I’ve used it in-state a couple times too. I’ll give out some advice though, don’t go through western union. Don’t send them a bunch of messages bitching about the time it’s taking for your ID, for Christ’s sakes it’s a fake ID company, you think they’re gonna write a long professional email like any other company would?!! Haha, yeah fuckin right. You can also apply to be a reseller and just give an excuse like you’re in college blah blah blah and then you can buy ID’s for $35 and you get a free duplicate. If you’re unsure about this site, that’s the route I’d go. Again, I’m low key laughing that y’all are treating this like some regular business. Sure they could be more professional, but when they got kids whining left and right I’d probably be the same way lmfao.
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