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  1. IDHurry


    We are, a team of professionals with a solid experience in creating authentic, high-quality documents, helping you get what you need here and now. We strive to make every fake ID look real, feel real, do the job like a real ID. We use the latest, most reliable technology in printing, making holograms and laminating your ID, so it is identical to a real one, except for the data that fits your needs. Using special materials (paper, PVC, photo paper) and high-tech software, we create the best fake ID on the market. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

    Ordering from us, you get a high-quality fake ID quickly and affordably. You can freely use that ID according to your needs, because we create reliable documents. We issue authentic specific ID for every state, including District Columbia, Texas, New York and others. Just specify the state you need a fake ID for and receive your fully functional, authentic ID to use freely. You get a reliable document that can do the job over and over again.

    It is wise not to trust a manufacturer residing in Asia, China or similar places, where most of the fraudsters and scammers are. Those territories encourage their residents to engage in fraudulent activity. We are a purely American company, shipping from the United States (which also helps us ship at speed of light). Shipping inside the United States secures your package so it will not get double-checked or fall into the wrong hands on its way.

    Oh, have we forgotten to mention that our shipping is one of the fastest in business? It is up to you to decide when you want your fake ID delivered! Even if you have just realized, that you need it by the end of this week, contact us and we will do our best to help you. While our shipping terms are the most attractive, our customers usually receive their order even earlier than expected!

    This is not a scam. We take full responsibility for everything that we offer, and we have proven our reputation over the years of successful work. Ask any of our customers, if they have had any problems with our services, read their reviews to make sure that we never trick any of our clients. We let our reputation and customer reviews speak for us: what better proof could anyone offer? Use our services and see that we do our job responsibly and professionally.

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  2. IDHurry


    SHORT F.A.Q.

    Q: Why don’t you guys accept Western Union?
    A: It is inconvenient and insecure. Bitcoin is much better. Scammers and carders from Asian countries abuse Western Union, as a rule.

    Q: Do you make ID that scan?
    A: Yes. The ID we make scan like the real ones.

    Q: Does your ID have the hologram overlay?
    A: Sure. The holograms we use in our ID are identical to those of the DMV.

    Q: Is your ID ready for the UV test?
    A: Yes. We apply the ultraviolet-readable authentic ink in every ID we make.

    Q: What about the bend test?
    A: The bend test is not a valid verification method for the real ID. If anyone tries to convince you that there is such thing as a “bend test”, know that he intends to fool you. Bending PVC ID may break or otherwise damage it, so do not let anyone do it neither to your real, nor to fake ID.

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  3. The-Purple-Orange

    The-Purple-Orange New Member

    I needed a fake ID to hang out with my older friends freely... but the previous company I contacted has shipped me some silly phony ID... which hasn’t even corresponded to Michigan ID design. Now I recommend ordering from idhurry, because these guys make perfect fake IDs with all the protection layers and PVCed... :)

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  4. EyeFakeID

    EyeFakeID Administrator Staff Member


    IDHurry is a great vendor with very good customer service.
  5. AncientWarrior

    AncientWarrior New Member

    do u guys do California IDs?
  6. Amighost

    Amighost New Member

    another Michigan guy reporting in
    I’ve ordered one just recently, and got it within three days. The quality is outstanding, I haven’t expected it to look that real. It has that hologram and other things that make it very authentic. I haven’t tested it in action yet, but I feel rather confident, because it looks good.
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  8. oreooreo

    oreooreo Chief

  9. IDHurry


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  10. daldal1

    daldal1 New Member

    I want to thank Idhurry for a timely delivered fake ID! Great quality and very impressive shipping time, got is just before the prom. It’s also nice to get a free duplicate, just in case. With that ID, you never know where you find yourself in the morning, with simple access to all that booze ;)
  11. Agent_of_Helium

    Agent_of_Helium New Member

    can I pay venmo?
  12. IDHurry


    No sorry we can't accept this payment method.
    Sadly we can't run like a normal business and accept credit cards. So we have take Bitcoin and DASH at this moment.
  13. yallseenirobot

    yallseenirobot New Member

    Just received 15 perfect Florida IDs with 30% discount… Costs me $800 with delivery.

    Sold it to my friends $100 each and now I’m in $700 profit. I love this game. :D:D:D
  14. tbonez

    tbonez New Member

    lmfao you bastard
    what did friends say?
  15. yallseenirobot

    yallseenirobot New Member

    they are happy :D:D:D
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  16. cancunf3lla

    cancunf3lla New Member

    Communication: [8/10]

    I contacted the guys via email. I told that I am in Mexico right now, and I need ID quite urgently and that I want the discount If I write the review. They didn’t refuse me and sent the ID almost right away! Writing review right now!!

    Cost: [10/10]

    With 70% discount I consider this a very cheap solution for idhurry

    Shipping: [10/10]

    DHL guys did it quite spectacularly.

    Stealth: [7/10]

    I could see the package on photo. DHl doesn’t care about the content of the package unlike the American post.

    Template: [9/10]

    Simply stunning if we compare it to the pics of V2


    The quality of the ID images is great!

    The embossed text looks like 100% authentic in all 3 places: DPB, signature, picture.

    Everything seems legit and correct, if we speak about font and locations

    The color of the ID is unbelievably impressive. I definitely can’t tell the difference If I look at the scan. The bar code on the back side is on the edge of the Identification Card.


    The driver license phrase is not at the place it should be. Quite lower. They should correct the template.

    The ' and “ marks are slightly askew which is not that bad, but not really good either. The height needs to be different. The ghost image is quite deem.

    Photoshop: [10/10]

    Amazing graphic work. I can’t see any mistakes in holograms.

    OVI: [8/10]

    OVI looks sound and easily discernable.

    Scanning: [10/10]
    Scans works alright

    Signature: [9/10]

    The signature location is awesome and the thickness feels as it should be There was lots of cases with ruined signatures, but there are no errors here.

    Conclusion: [8/10]

    Really impressed with how it turned out. I tried their promotional deal, which is very nice. I suppose that this is enough for people to make their mind up and order ID without any issues.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.05.10.png
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  17. IDHurry


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  19. Kdot101

    Kdot101 New Member

    Hi, I sent bitcoin but did not receive a confirmation email about you guys receiving it.
  20. IDHurry


    Hi there,

    Did your check your Spam folder? Yahoo and iCloud emails may have this issue.

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