How chfake and manage to stay alive?

Discussion in 'Scam sites' started by Womblast, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Womblast

    Womblast New Member

    I’m interested how a site which is 100% scam (I can’t understand how people can fall for it) is stay operating on web. This chfake doesn’t even accept bitcoin/litecoin and I’m positive that they make a lot of money.

    I’m just curious how they exist when it’s a total scam and they use Western Union (lol)
  2. Falconartist

    Falconartist New Member

    I thought I had seen on reddit that the owner of chfake is really based in US, he only says based in china to protect himself (if that is true and he is really located in us)...
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  3. Falconartist

    Falconartist New Member

    Anyway, if it’s hosts in a another country, United States laws don’t apply to them I think...
  4. cowhale9000

    cowhale9000 New Member

    Hmmmm… who is going to shut them down exactly?
  5. omenforcer

    omenforcer New Member

    They located in China bro, so it’s hard to take any legal move against a site scamming American people who are purchasing non-legal document
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  6. SillyAngel

    SillyAngel New Member

    Nah, i don’t think the gov really concern about a site that doesn’t even ship fake id, they have a big fish to catch
  7. elizabeth9

    elizabeth9 New Member

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