help please.. can i get in trouble?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by jkvru622, Jun 2, 2017.

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  1. QcIDS01

    QcIDS01 New Member

    Yup, you will get into big trouble! Just tell your mom that you got a FakeID, to be able to get some piercings! Instead of getting raped in the but hole from the government.
  2. qwerty2027

    qwerty2027 New Member

    tell your mom you used a fake id wat
  3. RonSwansonz

    RonSwansonz New Member

    yes lol, just admit to your mom that you used a fake, or else shes gonna end up looking like a fool in court
  4. gilffinder

    gilffinder New Member

    I'm not the first person to judge but holy shit your name on reddit suits you very well. You're 15 and you got your nipples pierced... But back to the subject , definitely tell your mom , you're going to get fucked either way so better take the less amount of beating possible.
  5. sellinguaid

    sellinguaid New Member

    Should've said it was done by a friend.
  6. IchSarah

    IchSarah New Member

    Hopefully you will, instead to the piercing shop which could get a huge fine and maybe even shut down as a result of your stupidity.
  7. Khaki_Steve

    Khaki_Steve New Member

    Gonna need pics to confirm

    I'm not a pedophile, please don't post pics
  8. pizzathroways

    pizzathroways New Member

    please don't thought since that would be child pornography.
  9. Rickybizznes

    Rickybizznes New Member

    Pics or it didnt happen
  10. Lazydude27

    Lazydude27 New Member

    you do realize that'd be considered child pornography you sick twisted mentally handicapped soul, she's 15..... i'm guessing you get drunk alone and watch kiddy porn all night and stalk the local middle school
  11. arrixi

    arrixi New Member

    Well is it really wrong if we're all teenagers here?
  12. Lazydude27

    Lazydude27 New Member

    i forgot half this subreddit hasn't hit puberty yet
  13. gilffinder

    gilffinder New Member

    I agree with lazy she's only 15 bro...
  14. Rickybizznes

    Rickybizznes New Member

    Wow, Nice! Its amazing how you can tell all of that from a joke
  15. meowmixID

    meowmixID New Member

    lmao, its ok. I got it

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