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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by Jimslong, Aug 24, 2018.

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  1. Jimslong

    Jimslong Moderator

    Guys, I decided to write this guide with the purpose to teach people: how to use a fake ID. Greenhorns usually order the IDs without any knowledge of it, and because of that they lose it soon. Let's stop the stupidity!

    1. First of all, you need to believe in your new ID. It is a highly important moment! You should act and behave as you are an adult who has a real 21 years age and who is allowed to go in every night place. If you don’t see that this card “opens the doors”, it won’t. If you treat the ID as a fake one, all the bouncers will do the same way. Your behavior expresses your thoughts. believe in the existence of the fake document and go ahead.

    2. The second tip says that you have to dress up and act exactly like an adult, don’t look like a teen. The guy of full age doesn’t look like goth or another youthful cult. Come to the night bar with the feeling as if you had a long working day under your belt and you want to relax and chat with a friend. Seriously or as a businessman..whatever. Your friends, who will come with you, should also remember about the obligatory playing of adult role.

    3. The next part is my favourite one, it’s about alcoholic beverages. Choose drinks wisely. Some guys can say it doesn’t matter, but I guess it does! Try to avoid “childish” beverages like piss-water beer or cheap-ass vodka. Only teens order these kinds of drinks to get drunk asap. Of course, bartenders can easily notice this by observing your further buying behavior. If you continue with the same shitty strategy, they'll start suspecting you right away. Order decent alco-stuff like whiskey and coke, long island cocktail or another classy one. Imagine what your daddy would take there. It helps you convince everyone that you're as authentic as your ID.

    4. The another advice is about a place to go. As you can be sure that made the right choice. If it is your first time of going out with a new fake, you have to use it somewhere at a gas station or liquor stores. These places don’t give a shit on your ID: is it real or fake one. Never use it first for a night out. Be careful and wary with box scanners. In case the document doesn't work, you might get into deep trouble, so it's best to pre-check it in some shitty places.

    5. Don’t be a pussy!

    Thread in another way: Don't ask dumb questions in other threads about your orders.

    Profile posts: You should not ask about your order out there. It’s much better to come on the website where you made an order, and they search the forum before PMing the CS.

    Notable Members: Don’t be so dull, stop asking everybody till someone gives you whatever you want to. Collect the main meaning of the discussion, not pull the words out of context.

    Any CS: Read the guides or the website where your fake card from, and highly likely more than 90% of your questions will be surely answered.

    Leave feedback or any comments below, especially if you want to suggest the theme of the the next guides. I am glad to help you, greenies, but please stop asking the dumbass questions.
  2. Player48

    Player48 New Member

    Dear friend, as you said,it’s better to avoid box scanners, but how can I do that? In many cases I have no idea beforehand if there is one or not.
  3. Jimslong

    Jimslong Moderator

    To be honest, I wanna ask you there some tips how to identify box scanners in advance? IDK, I am no help here. Any suggestions?
  4. Micro

    Micro New Member

    Great thoughts jimslong. It’s urgently useful and needed. All your posts are the same - all of them fixed my problems that i came across during ordering a fake
  5. BenXX4

    BenXX4 New Member

    Lol...I think there is a good way to take a vodka either, but it does matter what the kind of it’s gonna be ( i mean you need to choose an expensive sortof) , or you also can buy a "mix" to go with vodka - nice picked drink for an adult.
  6. Jimslong

    Jimslong Moderator

    Im writing this for people with simple jack level autism. They can't comprehend mixing a drink.
  7. yoyoma

    yoyoma New Member

    I agree totally that a really important looking as a guy of full age ID, it matters how you present yourself. I guess that my appearance shows me as a mature looking person: I dont have long hair, clean shaven face, very smooth jawline , I wear only suits or high-quality jackets. You should feel your ID and act as you are having it, as you have been having it always from you birthday! A sense of entitlement helps, after all, you are 21, and this is YOUR ID.

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