Guide to printing UV's (Teslin Only)

Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by TeslinAndTequila, Nov 28, 2016.

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  1. TeslinAndTequila

    TeslinAndTequila New Member

    For new vendors its hard to find info on how to print teslin uvs, most people will resort to buying them. Its actually really simple.

    Your going to need: 1: Another printer (I'd recommend the Epson R280, cheap and works great for this) 2: Invisible uv ink found at the ink is quite expensive though (For the Epson R280 your going to use the T078 Carts)

    For prints Id recommend using the color black on everything, unless the ids have multicolor uvs (Doubtful)

    After printing your 8-up just put it through the uv printer and ONLY print the uvs, after this you can continue on laminating and whatever else you have to do for that ID. Hope this helps.
  2. gotitright163

    gotitright163 New Member

    what do i print the uv on ? im recently getting into teslin .. ive worked with hdp 5000 but want to make the NY's but need some help .. including what equipment to use

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