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    First thing first, I know I'm a fool for choosing Chfake. I should've done more google search about fake reviews. I learned my lesson, lol

    It looks very simple: their form of payment was buying Amazon Gift Cards in the local store, and scratching off the amazon code and sending it to them in an email. I did it.

    4AM: Can’t sleep. Finally I decided to read more reviews on Chfake online, because I was soooo excited to eventually get a really cool fake id. I read some reviews on the fake website (probably owned by Chfake lmao), and it seemed so fucking real. I couldn't rely on one website, so I went to a few more. Every. Single. Fucking. Review. Scam in every review. I was so confused.

    5AM: Reading more ChFake reviews. OMG. I almost had a heart attack. I quickly went to my amazon account and activated ALL 3 CARDS THAT I PURCHASED YESTERDAY. Thank god, they worked and the nasty scammer didn't open my email yet and got nothing.

    Cons: I lost $200 in cash.

    Pros: I have all of this extra cash on my amazon account, so i might buy some vidya for me.

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