Best punch/jungle juice recipes

Discussion in 'Chat' started by Cool01, Nov 3, 2018.

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  1. dudeitsdrude

    dudeitsdrude New Member

    Tipsy bartender
  2. dapperfapper69

    dapperfapper69 New Member

    Pink Panty Dropper; pink shit, shitty k, and roofies. Believe it or not, it actually tastes fine without the roofies. Just shitty k pink flavoring ( Pink lemonade) and everclear. Everclear is ALWAYS a substitute for roofiees.
  3. akadar

    akadar New Member

    In a quintuple blind taste test, this came out on top. In a large Gatorade container, add 3.5 gallons of Popov (or Crystal Palace, whatever, something cheap.) Mix with ice and serve!

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