Best punch/jungle juice recipes

Discussion in 'Chat' started by Cool01, Nov 3, 2018.

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  1. Cool01

    Cool01 New Member

    What's up fam? I have beach week in like 2 weeks and wanted to make some sort of jungle juice or punch to get the whole house fucked up. What recipes taste good while also being strong?
  2. delited01

    delited01 Member

    1 Liter of Everclear

    3 1.75 Liter Bottles of Vodka (your choice)

    1 Bottle Peach Schnapps

    1 Pint Bacardi 151 Rum

    1 bottle Apple Schnapps

    10 Liter Bottles of Sprite

    1 Liter Sunny Delight

    1 Liter Triple Sec

    1.75 Liter Gin

    1 Bottle Sour Apple Schnapps

    4 Bottles of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill Wine

    8 Liter Hawaiian Punch

    2 Containers of Orange Juice Concentrate
  3. dapperfapper69

    dapperfapper69 New Member

    he wins
  4. OTPHsRock

    OTPHsRock New Member

    "served in swimming pool"
  5. NewniggasameReviews

    NewniggasameReviews New Member

    Orange cream sickle

    1 pinnacle whipped vodka 1 orange drank 1 Roofie
  6. Canniverous

    Canniverous New Member

    The roofie is key to making sure the whole house is fucked up and doesn't remember the night
  7. Canniverous

    Canniverous New Member

    Sorry I assumed roofies were a given for any recipe I make
  8. sonicmaster10

    sonicmaster10 New Member

    -151 rhum

    -pineapple juice

  9. delited01

    delited01 Member

  10. sonicmaster10

    sonicmaster10 New Member

    Is that what muricans call caribou ? You wouldnt want to be drinking the caribou from here
  11. Oh_the_CAKE

    Oh_the_CAKE New Member

    I'd substitute pineapple juice with peach juice if you can find it.
  12. distressedaugust

    distressedaugust New Member

    cranberry juice and vodka. half and half. it will get you pretty fucked up and I think it tastes great
  13. LittleRigDriver

    LittleRigDriver New Member

    I had some of that the other day while at work, 11/10 would recommend
  14. Ghost_Ship

    Ghost_Ship New Member

    Here ya go. Business partner fucked me over, and I am passing on this recipe to anyone I can find. In a triple blind taste test, ours came out on top! Get's ya fucked up with awesome taste!

    Mix 2 large canisters of lemon aid and 1 canister of lipton's lemon iced tea together(Get these at Sam's club for best prices, enough for over 36 batches!).

    1 Bottle of wine (Up to 1.75ml), refill with one bottle of water, and add 7oz of mix into a gallon double ziploc bag (Use a large pitcher for the bottles over 750ml, and divide into several bags). Shake/stir carefully to mix well, and freeze flat for 4-6 hours (Depends on freezer temp). Remove from freezer and kneed until mixed. Alcohol separates from the mix. Serve in a large glass, and get fucked up!

    Sangria and Moscato work great, but you can use any wine you like. Don't go for the expensive wine. This mix also makes MD20/20 taste good!

    Also have recipes for rum, beer, and more! Use free of charge, and pass to everyone you know!

    It's called Vin Slush, but don't buy it... make it yourself! Plenty of other recipes available! MAKE IT YOURSELF!!! DON'T BUY IT!!!
  15. goldentoe21

    goldentoe21 New Member

    5 gallons of gin bucket. 2 handles cheapass gin, 2 gallons GOOD lemonade (spend money here not on gin), 2 2liters of sprite, LOTS of ice.

    Add ice first and add sprite last.
  16. bigdickinthehouse

    bigdickinthehouse New Member

    My go-to: Riot punch. Half Everclear, half blue Gatoraid. Enjoy.
  17. astonner

    astonner New Member

  18. Canniverous

    Canniverous New Member

    Outer Banks in NC man
  19. astonner

    astonner New Member


    What is this?
  20. dudeitsdrude

    dudeitsdrude New Member

    The drunk bartender or whatever on YouTube has recipes and shows you how to make them

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