Anyone purchased from Costco?

Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by Canniverous, Jan 6, 2016.

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  1. Canniverous

    Canniverous New Member

    I have been told that Costco has a liquor store separate from the main store and you are not required to be a member. I also know that Costco has some damn good prices. I'm curious if anyone has used their fake there and if they are any more strict than other liquor stores? Do they scan or just check for DoB? Thanks
  2. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Tbh I only go there for the free samples
  3. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Shots fired.
  4. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Whatever fat boy
  5. everyus

    everyus New Member

    oh man but like the $1.50 pizza the larger than a normal face and a .59c drink let me tell you man
  6. JehkerPusher

    JehkerPusher New Member

    No two costco's, or any store for that matter, are alike. But I have had friends buy from costcos in the past with shitty ids and get away with it.
  7. delited01

    delited01 Member

    I go to Sam's club and they are pretty Janky. They scan your shit and say have a gud day yung.
  8. senorspicytaco

    senorspicytaco New Member

    Haha, Costco was the very first place a used my fake and probably where I buy most of my liquor. Very easy going for the most part, never had trouble and they barely look at it most of the time.

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