Any vendors even close to a VA ID?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by PDXBouncer01, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. PDXBouncer01

    PDXBouncer01 New Member

    I would pay big bucks if there were any vendors who could do a solid Virginia ID (I know everyone would) and I was wondering if there are any vendors who are even close. (I live and go to school in Virginia and have talked to friends who are bouncers and they basically say if they see a Virginia ID they don't look twice because no one can do it)
  2. SomosHustlin

    SomosHustlin New Member

    Bouncers talking that stick talk
  3. Starxe

    Starxe New Member

    That stick talk

    Bouta fuck some fakes up, at a new bar
  4. SomosHustlin

    SomosHustlin New Member

    I appreciate this
  5. Starxe

    Starxe New Member

    Love you too.
  6. PriorityFakes

    PriorityFakes New Member

    I am after my next batch of RI supplies come in and I sell out.
  7. afrocold

    afrocold New Member

  8. XenaJayda

    XenaJayda New Member

    A virginia would be LIT - love a Virginian
  9. shtrkrilg

    shtrkrilg New Member

    Tnf has said he has the capability to make one. Not sure if he intends on producing one though.
  10. Ilgd1

    Ilgd1 New Member

    Do you think if enough people asked he would do it for a limited time lol
  11. AffordableFakes

    AffordableFakes New Member

    for the record, I would pay up to $200 for a VA if he implements the polycarb laminate and makes it exactly how the NNY v3 is currently /u/TemplatesnFakes
  12. corpse-smoothie

    corpse-smoothie New Member

    I would really love a VA fake. Just because I'm from there and it would reduce the amount of lying and memorizing.
  13. prison_sex

    prison_sex New Member

    I also live in VA and would be more than happy to purchase one if they came to market.
  14. Unknown0x01

    Unknown0x01 New Member

    I've been hacking away at bits of VA. Got a template, started making my own, gathered intel on it, etc. Though I'm not planning on putting any serious work into it until NNY and CA are done.
  15. sellinguaid

    sellinguaid New Member

    if you have the capability to make a NNY you have the capability to make a VA
  16. Jason14th

    Jason14th New Member

    I think TNF or unknown sas
  17. TannerWang

    TannerWang New Member

    dont think enough people would buy it over time to really sustain production and the time it takes to make em. New york at least has the whole NY crowd buying them but a 200 dollar Virginia will have like... the sub hype train buying it and then nobody else will
  18. Ilgd1

    Ilgd1 New Member

    I understand that but Virginia is also a large state and if it's explained how valuable the ID is it might sell more than you would think
  19. gamemen004

    gamemen004 New Member

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