any KingOfFakes review? scam ?

Discussion in 'Scam sites' started by moe, Oct 1, 2018.

idhurry fake id shop

  1. moe

    moe New Member

  2. Jimslong

    Jimslong Moderator


    Don't be a fool, their subreddit FakeidTalk is a fake
    Just sophisticated type of scam
  3. tusero

    tusero New Member

    Took my money and never heard from them again after multiple attempts to contact them about the order status. If they used to be legit, they are no longer.
  4. skepta20

    skepta20 New Member

    They may have been legit before but I just ordered one and I got scammed. I paid for it and it never came. I have emailed them multiple times with no response. Go look at their idmarket page, there are lots of people who have had the same problem. Do not order from Kingoffakes

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